Tomasz Gebarowski


I am a Senior Software Engineer from Warsaw/Poland, with almost 10 years of professional experience. I started working as a backend developer, implementing VoIP serves in C/C++, then switched to building cross platform desktop apps with C++ and Qt. Since 2012, I am mainly focused on building iOS and macOS apps. I’ve been programming in Swift since its early days.

I experienced working on various projects (VoIP/IMS, Mobile banking, Push-to-talk systems, Web browsers, Mobile apps, CMR/CMS systems, E-Commerce) in companies like Comarch, Opera Software, AVT Korporacja, Azetti Networks, 7N, mBank, YND and Allegro. I’ve graduated from Technical University of Lodz with Master’s diploma and in 2011 I started doing PhD research in Warsaw University of Technology, which I had to suspend due to private reasons.

I work as a contractor from Warsaw, Poland. Currently I am not available full time, but if you have some challenging proposition feel free to contact me. I am Mac enthusiast, fast learner and enjoy latest technologies. I started programming when I was 12 years old and since then I am still very passionate about software development.

For the last couple of years I’ve been working on the following apps (there are more, but I cannot publish their names due to NDA). Some of them are commercial, some done as side projects:

mBank app GoPTT app Azetti PTT app iGuru app Linguapp app